M-shambaPresenter: Calvince Okello, Founder, M-Shamba

M-Shamba is an interactive platform that provides information to farmers through the use of a mobile phone. M-shamba utilises various features of a mobile phone, which include cross-platform applications usable in both smart and low-end phones, and SMS to provide information on production, harvesting, marketing, credit, weather and climate. It provides customised information to farmers based on their location and crop/animal preference. Farmers can also share information on various topics with each other. M-shamba is currently being used by 4000 rice farmers in Kenya to help them adopt new technologies in rice farming. Some of the technologies adopted by rice farmers through M-shamba include system rice intensification (SRI) that enables farmers to increase yields in rice production while using less water in their paddies. Another 1600 farmers growing onions, tomatoes and kales have also adopted M-Shamba.

Nov 4, 10:15 - 11:00
Room: Booth 5