Emerging Innovations

Within this stream participants will examine topics such as the identification of mobile apps and ICT solutions along the value chain, and the changing architecture of agricultural extension and rural advisory services in the age of ICTs and mobile technologies. From a business perspective other areas of discussion could include the use of ICTs to enhance and monitor agricultural processes, to boost access to markets and facilitate agribusiness.

64 Presentations

74 Speakers

15 Sessions

Capacity Strengthening

Topics such as ICTs as enablers of communication, exchange of information and resources among the value chain actors and the empowerment of the youth through ICTs for efficient and effective agricultural and rural development activities are just some examples of what will be addressed during the conference. Other areas of discussion could include gender mainstreaming through ICTs for efficient and effective agricultural activities; monitoring and assessing the impacts of ICTs for agricultural and rural development projects and programmes; as well as capacity building models and approaches.

23 Presentations

24 Speakers

8 Sessions

Enabling Environments

The third stream will encourage participants to dive into issues around agricultural policies, ICT policies, and e-Agriculture policies; infrastructural considerations (ICT & facilities: electricity, markets, roads, etc.); and opportunities for Multi-stakeholder Partnerships (MSP) and Public-Private-Partnerships.

17 Presentations

17 Speakers

5 Sessions