Mobile Agribiz

Mobile AgribizPresenter: Narcisse Mbunzama, CEO, Mobile Agribiz

Mobile Agribiz ( is a web and SMS mobile application that helps farmers decide when and how to plant crops, select the best crops for a given location using climate and weather data, and connect to the available market. It helps connect farmers to buyers, and helps them to obtain skills (e.g. how to plant crops, how to use fertilizers) and necessary information aggregates (e.g. weather, crop pricing) from different sources. Farmers can easily connect with customers by sending an SMS with their phone number, information on goods, prices and quantities fort sale. This information is plotted into a map in our servers enabling customers to see farmers’ information, the goods they are selling, their quantities and location, and make a connection. As a result of using Mobile Agribiz, farmers in the Congo improve their productivity, are empowered with new skills, increase their incomes by 40%, and attain enhanced food security and nutrition.