Outil de Prevision des Rendements Agricoles

airs3Presenter: Patrick Cyusa, Director of Operations, AxIS

Farmers lack access to relevant location and crop information that can allow them to improve revenue through increased productivity and higher outreach to the market. Most of the mobile-based solutions that have been developed in the past assume that farmers know what information they need and the syntax they have to use to retrieve the information. We have developed a platform that allows data to be pulled from different sources, organized and distributed to relevant subscribed farmers. vAIRS is an implementation of the platform that leverages the Technoserve database of the most efficient fertilisers for coffee productivity depending on the location and soil type. Subscribed farmers are able to receive precise fertiliser recommendations along with other relevant agronomy information depending on their location.

Nov 4, 11:30 - 12:15
Room: Booth 6