Session Syntheses

Enriched by the preceding days’ sessions and discussions, this closed session with stream coordi-nators and session organisers will discuss and summarise what they have discovered in terms of innovations in ICTs for agriculture, what they have noted as useful and applicable, and how lessons learnt and shared are shaping what needs to be done in advancing ICT applications in ARD.

The three streams are:

  1. emerging innovations in ICTs supporting ARD;
  2. capacity strengthening and stakeholder empowerment for improved liveli-hood and engagement in ARD processes; and
  3. enabling environments for the agricultural sector to maximise benefits from ICTs.

The stream-coordinating organisations will be facilitating the discussions, relying on the documentation captured by the Knowledge Management and Social Reporting teams, as well as the rapporteurs and chairpersons of the sessions. This will prepare the final elements for presentation in plenary to form the basis of discussion with participants in the session “Implications for Inclusive Agriculture – What Next?”

Nov 7, 13:00 - 14:30
Room: Kivu
Stream: Sessions' Syntheses