TracFMPresenter: Wouter Dijkstra, Founder and Director, TRAC FM 

TRAC FM is an innovative software platform used by media and non-profit organizations to amplify the voices of citizens, track reports and collect opinions. It enables citizens to participate in meaningful public debates through interactive radio shows and SMS. Building on the success of a vibrant radio talk-show tradition in Africa, TRAC FM provides a unique and easy-to-use software tool for radio-stations. This enables established FM stations to involve their listeners in a data-driven and interactive debate. TRAC FM already serves a wide range of citizens in East Africa, from urban youth to remote farmers. It transforms citizens from passive listeners to active participants, contributing to a more transparent society and an open public debate. It’s an effective tool for NGOs and media to collect data and track the needs and sentiments of people. TRAC FM enables users to get closer to and enter into a dialogue with the people they serve.

Nov 4, 09:30 - 10:15
Room: Booth 1