Rural eMarket

Rural eMarketPresenter: Andrianjafy Rasoanindrainy, ICT, Web 2.0, PM, M&E, KM Specialist, Farming & Technology for Africa

Access to markets has been determined as one of the major factors increasing the incomes of smallholder farmers in rural areas in Africa. The use of appropriate ICT solutions can improve transparency and access to market information and transform the livelihoods of rural populations. But still there are many regions in Africa that don’t benefit from these new technologies because of illiteracy, the weakness of connectivity or the inability to find an affordable and adapted solution. Rural eMarket is a simple, hence powerful, solution for market information, using smartphones, tablets or computers, which has been developed for poor rural African conditions. Rural eMarket is multilingual, easy, quick to adopt, and most of all, affordable for most rural projects.

Nov 4, 09:30 - 10:15
Room: Booth 5