public-lab wPresenter: Don Blair, Porject Lead, Public Lab

The Infragram is a simple, affordable infrared camera platform—developed collaboratively, by the Public Lab community—for measuring plant health. Large farms, vineyards, and NASA all use near-infrared photography for assessment, usually by mounting expensive sensors on airplanes and satellites. Infragram brings this open source technology to small farmers, enabling them to monitor their own crops throughout the growing season. Knowing when to take action before problems are visible to the eye helps ensure high yields. Infragram is low cost, and can be created through a simple modification to a digital camera. Our “one-click” free web software allows you to upload a photo and seconds later receive an analytical image of your crops. Public Lab’s open source community is working on an offline version of the software that you can use in the field.

Visit the Public Lab booth during Plug and Play and try an Infragram for yourself!

Nov 4, 14:00 - 14:45
Room: Booth 7