FarmerConnectPresenter: Ravi Reddy, President, FarmerConnect

FarmerConnect delivers personalised agricultural extension services and text/audio information intelligence in local languages to smallholders and women farmers who otherwise do not have access to or comprehend information from traditional sources. Such service helps them stay connected with the information and aiding agencies on a daily basis, increase their yields/incomes, and reduce hunger, poverty and under-nutrition. FarmerConnect, in a nutshell, hosts a one-stop market place for agricultural communities, including service seekers (Farmers), service enablers (Government, NGO and Private agencies) and service providers (Agronomists, Markets Trackers, Weather Stations etc.). The FarmerConnect Platform is cloud-based and mobile-enabled and requires no technical knowledge. FarmerConnect is also available as licensed software for large agricultural programmes. The Platform is in service since July 2012, currently has 278 registered users, 20 current users, and serves over 10,000 farmers.

Nov 4, 10:15 - 11:00
Room: Booth 1