Lessons Learned in Creating Enabling Environments for ICTs

Organised by: UNDP, CTA

The panel will focus on the overarching policies that should be in place to enhance human development via ICTs and innovations. Panellists will identify synergies at national and local levels that can lead to the scalability and replicability of successful initiatives, on a multi-stakeholder basis. What are the roles of regional and continental institutions in providing an enabling environment to maximise the benefits of ICTs? What policies are required to create and support an innovation environment? Are the current policies supporting innovation and the use of ICTs for development? How do we bring together stakeholders to create a sustainable ecosystem that includes health, agriculture and other economic areas to achieve global developmental goals? Can other countries replicate efforts, successes from best practice & expertise? What lessons have been learnt from other regions? What are the major challenges and gaps? What challenges confront you right now that another stakeholder in the room (CSO, private sector, government, academia etc.) may be engaged in addressing? What are the challenges and obstacles to scaling up and replicating local initiatives? What lessons can we learn from ICT for agriculture policy processes? How can ICT for development policy in other sectors help ICT for agriculture strategy development? In the process of sectoral e-strategy development, how can collaboration between the Ministry in charge of ICTs and Ministry in charge of other development sectors be improved? How can the impact of e-policy development be better assessed? Specific cases to be discussed will address ICT for agriculture policy development, notably in Ivory Coast and in the Caribbean.

Nov 7, 10:30 - 12:00
Room: Kivu
Stream: Création d'environnements propices

Sessions Chair

Chair of the session is Gonzalo Aramayo-Careaga
ICTD/e-governance Specialist, UNDP South Africa

Implementation of ICT strategies in local government. Introduction/implementation of new technologies; Development of Web-based and Workflow applications; Staff performance management and career development; Facilitation of knowledge building and knowledge sharing.

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