mfisheriesPresenter: Daryl Samlal, Software Developer, Caribbean ICT Research Programme, University of West Indies

mFisheries is a suite of open-source mobile and web applications for small scale fisheries. It was developed at the University of the West Indies with International Development Research Centre (IDRC) support and comprises i) a virtual marketplace, an application which displays market prices using open data and the ‘Got Fish Need Fish application’ which, in real time, connects agents in the fisheries value chain; ii) navigational tools including a compass and a GPS logging and retrieval application; iii) at-sea safety tools including S.O.S and location tracking for use by national security authorities; iv) training companions including abbreviated first aid lessons from courses delivered by the Caribbean Fisheries Training and Development Institute, and audio podcast tips on various themes relating to safety at sea, fishing methods and quality assurance; and v) information, communications and engagement facilities including the camera tool for reporting matters of concern to fisherfolk.

Nov 4, 09:30 - 10:15
Room: Booth 6