FarmerlinePresenter: Worlali Senyo, Business Development Manager, Farmerline Ltd

Farmerline provides improved information access and communication pathways for smallholder farmers and agricultural stakeholders. It provides a web-based turnkey service, accessible by any organization with Internet access worldwide. It is easily used in all sectors and languages with no technical knowledge or hardware investment required. As a service specifically focused on smallholder farmers, we are able to use our technology to send voice and text messages, poll, and offer call-in services to link farmers to extension, markets, finance, agro-inputs and equipment services. We work with and through farmer-based organizations, NGOs, the private sector, government agencies and donors to access the large networks of farmers which are our target population. This way, we are able to contribute to increasing the adoption of improved farming technologies with a resultant increase in farm productivity, higher farmer income, and increased farmer autonomy, which will address threats to food security.

Nov 4, 10:15 - 11:00
Room: Booth 4