AgrosimPresenter: Nguena Tsafack Paulin, Manager, AgroSIM

Agrosim is a valuable tool in decision-making in agricultural projects. It works primarily on data collected online and provides a virtual representation of the different stages of crop growth and development as they are in reality. It is therefore an event simulator able to anticipate the quality and quantity of the productivity of a desired crop by taking into account data related to seed, soil, hydraulic climate, geography, macro-economy and the demographic of the targeted area. Created to be used on all platforms (locally, online, on Smartphone and Android) and built with artificial intelligence to cater for the increasingly demanding needs of this industry, Agrosim is an adaptable and portable application which is universally used by both novices and professionals in the agricultural sector.

Nov 4, 11:30 - 12:15
Room: Booth 4