Field Trip 8 (Northern Province): Gakenke (Smart Village) –Gakenke Telecentre – Jean Claude Ruzibiza (Farmer of Rulindo using ICT) – Sina Gerard

Gakenke (Smart Village): as described in Field Trip 5, the village is a project that the government of Rwanda has put at the disposal of all citizens located in the rural area. Among the ICT tools available there are those related to agricultural sector such as Tunga TV and other related IT services. It is located 55 km from Kigali.

Gakenke Telecentre Jean Claude Ruzibiza: a farmer using ICT to keep his records and monitor his activities (agriculture and livestock) vis-à-vis the plan and targets.

Etse Urwibitso: Urwibitso is a company owned by SINA Gérard, a farmer, using ICT for the agro-processing of passion fruit, bananas, strawberries, peppers, and for producing juices, ba-nana wine, jam etc.

Nov 8, 08:00 - 16:00
Room: Northern Province